Posted on: May 16, 2008 4:15 pm

What's the Best Pinball Game of All Time?

It's time for Warpyland to take a break from the usual hockey posts and see how many pinball fanatics are out there.  In roughly chronological order, the following list has the games that had the most profound effect on my ill-spent youth.

  1. Captain Fantastic (my favorite among the old school machines with analog digit counters)
  2. Mata Hari (one of the first, if not the first to have LED digit counters)
  3. Xenon (one of the earlier talking pinball machines; also one of the earlier machines to have a tube ramp -- affectionately referred to as "the fallopian tube" by warped minds -- to create a multi-level play field)
  4. Firepower (one of the first games to feature multiball play)
  5. Eight Ball Deluxe (in my book, by far the greatest pinball game ever)
  6. Star Trek, The Next Generation (the game I'd most like to play for a buck a point)
  7. Sopranos (I'd love to hear the language on the R and X-rated chips available for this machine)
  8. WPT Poker ("player two is going full tilt!" sounds trippy in Spanish)

What are your faves?

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